As part of our commitment to being consultants to the petroleum industry, ILFC, Inc. has developed a multifaceted testing laboratory.  Our lab offers many ASTM, EPA, and in-house tests to support our clients.  Our testing of fuels, lubricants, and coolants can be performed on individual samples or periodically to support a preventive maintenance program.  Using our patented Accelerated Aging test and directed treatment with our fuel additives allows long term fuel storage, which can be a source of significant savings to our industrial customers.  Reduced maintenance and fuel costs can more than offset the cost of testing, with increased reliability as an important bonus.  Most analyses include our comprehensive interpretation of results as well as recommendations for action (as needed) to assure maximum understanding and ease of use for our customers.  Special test packages are available to reduce costs and simplify ordering.

Our soil and water services include testing that allows us to determine the corrosion potential of your soil and the appropriate corrosion prevention measures.  We also offer testing to determine if metals, hydrocarbons, or their components are present.

Any good laboratory needs to be well equipped.  ILFC has an extensive array of equipment that allows us to perform a variety of tests.  Please click the link below to view a list of available tests and equipment.

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Lab Services List