ILFC Ten-35 is a complete fuel additive package that features organometallic catalysts, lubricants and other materials.  It is completely soluble in liquid petroleum fuels and can be added directly to fuel in storage.


  • Improves combustion efficiency
  • Reduces soot and particulate emissions
  • Reduces harmful gas emissions
  • Lubricates and protects injectors as well as the entire fuel system
  • Reduces scored injectors and plugged filters
  • Mitigates internal tank corrosion
  • Stabilizes Fuel
  • Works to disperse existing sludge
  • Inhibits formation of sludge
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • EPA registered for Gas & Diesel.

ILFC Ten-35 combustion catalyst improves combustion efficiency.  This improvement results in higher fuel economy, less soot and carbon deposits and lower emissions.  It also increases the usable energy yield (measured in BTU’s) per pound of fuel.  The reduction in carbon deposits within the combustion chambers helps reduce wear and maintenance costs.  Overall, more complete combustion yields more power and less waste (soot, smoke and emissions) from each pound of fuel consumed.

Today’s fuels often have government restrictions on sulfur levels.  The sulfur removal process can result in an end product with inadequate lubricity.  The lubricants in ILFC Ten-35 improve fuel lubricity to help reduce wear and damage to fuel system components.

The stabilizers and dispersants in ILFC Ten-35 reduce sludge buildup and helps prevent formation of new sludge building particulate in the fuel.  This improves the quality of the fuel, resulting in less filter plugging, reduced injector scoring and extended fuel life.

FOR GROUND SHIPMENT,  limited quantities ship non-hazardous.

Recommended dosage rate is 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of fuel.  Available in pint, gallon, pail, drum, tote and tanker.