ILFC Ten25 Combustion Catalyst provides you with greater fuel efficiency as a result of more complete combustion. More complete combustion produces more useful energy per unit of fuel while reducing soot and smoke. ILFC Ten25 includes a premium lubricity additive package to protect pumps, injectors, and all moving parts of your fuel system.  In addition ILFC Ten25 is a superior demulsifier when used in biofuel blends.  This fuel treatment package is designed for use in all types of middle distillate, biofuel blends and heavy fuel oils.  It is recommended for on and off road, marine and burner fuel applications. 


  • Combustion Catalyst - Improves combustion efficiency.
  • Lubricant - Lubricates the fuel system.
  • Demulsifier – Helps remove water from the fuel.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Reduces soot and particulate emissions.
  • Certified ULSD Compliant.

ILFC Ten25 is formulated to be completely soluble in fuels and can be injected or added directly to fuels.  Recommended treatment rate is 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of fuel.

Available in pint, gallon, pail, drum, tote and tanker.