ILFC Ten-32 fuel inhibitor is a complex mixture which includes a detergent/dispersant agent, a demulsifier, a lubricant and a polymerization retardant.  This is the current itineration of a product originally developed at Bell Laboratories for use in fuels stored long term for standby power generation.


  • Lubricates and cleans fuel pumps and injectors
  • Reduces filter plugging and injector scoring
  • Mitigates internal tank corrosion
  • Disperses existing sludge
  • Stabilizes fuel
  • Inhibits formation of new sludge particles
  • Keeps fuels pumpable and combustible
  • EPA registered for Gas & Diesel.

ILFC Ten-32 is your best choice for long term storage of fuels.  Stability can be an issue in modern catalytically cracked fuels.    Our stabilizers deter the formation of particulate (polymerization) and the resulting agglomerates that form sludge, plug filters and lines and score injectors.  Periodic treatment based on scientific testing can keep fuels in usable condition almost indefinitely. 

As fuel sulfur levels drop, the fuels become “Dryer”; they provide less lubrication.  The lubricants in ILFC Ten-32 help prevent fuel pump and injector failure by increasing the lubricity of the fuel.

Ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels have demonstrated that they have a tendency to entrain more water than their predecessors.  The demulsifying effect of ILFC Ten-32 can help drop entrained water to the bottom of the tank, where it can be removed by mechanical means.  Other fuel additives contain alcohols or ethers that disperse the water into your fuel system, where it can cause significant damage.

FOR GROUND SHIPMENT,  limited quantities ship non-hazardous.

Recommended dosage rate is 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of fuel.   Available in pint, gallon, pail, drum, tote and tanker.